More Mullett Madness

3) Saturday, April 17 @ 9:00am AND 2:00pm
(TWO separate workshops)

The Elegant Mess

A veritable food fight of a class! Where the spontaneous meets the specific. Where the positive meets the negative. And where leftovers go to play. We will fiddle around with principles of figure/ground relationship as we integrate Ranger Color Wash Dyes and Luminarte H2Os, collage, stencils, and stamps on Oriental and watercolor paper with remarkable results. Suitable for small or large format work, this visual play time will add miles to artistic efforts! Runs approximately 4 hours. and includes handouts and a large supply of instructor-provided supplies. Students will be responsible for a minimal list of specific required materials. Max - 12 students.

Cost: $60

What to bring: cutting mat (larger than 3"x4", no larger than 9"x12"), xacto or craft knife, metal ruler, at least 6 twinkling H2O's (add water to these the day prior to class - they need to be "goopy" - this is important!), and an apron. And, as always, a basic tool kit.

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Bentley said...

Sounds like a messing wonderful time for one and all. A friend and myself hope to join you all.
We will be cooming in from Columbia.