Luscious Landscape

Saturday, March 27 @ 1:00pm

An “artist in training” since childhood Annie Smith Piffel spent her Saturday mornings drawing along with Jon Gnagy’s art show. She considers “plein air painting to be a slice of heaven.” Annie's work in pastels, oils, acrylics and watercolors range from realistically detailed still lifes to vibrant abstracts.

She encourages her students to create, imagine, explore and play. She hopes to ignite their passion and feed their spirit through their own art making process.

In this workshop, Annie will begin by guiding you through the pleasurable experience of color mixing by doing some practical work with your new best friend - the color wheel. You'll also be using that time to make friends with acrylic paint. Then you'll use your new found prowess to create a lovely lanscape painting.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn a fulfilling new skill and create something beautiful - over and over again!

Cost: $45
Supply Fee: $30 (includes professional grade paint, brush, and 2 illustration boards)

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