Origami Club at Rock Paper Scissors

Monday, February 16 @ 7:00pm

This month St.Charles will join the ranks of major metro areas across the U.S., including New York, San Diego, San Francisco, LA and Phoenix,with the launch of its very own origami organization. The new group will be affiliated with the national paper folding group organization, Origami-USA. Founder Dawn Tucker is a member of O-USA and has also started a folding group in St.Louis. "Ordinarily there wouldn't be two groups so close together," states Tucker, "but people have expressed an interest on both sides of the Missouri River."

Origami is the ancient Asian art of paper folding. Today origami is practiced and enjoyed around the world by young and old alike. Origami books are available in most libraries and book stores, with several recently published books attesting to the current popularity of this versatile art-form. "Type 'origami' into your search engine, and you will get thousands of sites to peruse," Tucker encourages. "The variety and complexity are endless."

The new organization in St. Charles will meet at Rock Paper Scissors, an eclectic art & craft supply shop on historic South Main Street. "Corey Dankocsik has graciously invited the group to meet in the shop's workshop at no charge," says Tucker.

The organization is open to both novice and expert folders, and will be free to attend."It's a club, not a class," states Tucker,"so we'd like everyone to take turns leading the group in folding origami models as soon as they learn them. We will take turns teaching each other, and learning together." Children 15 and under must be accompanied by an involved adult.

Monthly meetings will be held on third Mondays at 7pm.....beginning on February 16th,2009. For more information contact Dawn Tucker at

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