Paper Bowl
Saturday, October 28 at 1:00pm
Make a wonderful paper bowl at this workshop! These bowls are the perfect vessel for holding ribbons, paper scraps, HALLOWEEN candy, baseball cards (yep, even the boys can enjoy these!), rubber stamps and so much more. Use your wild imagination and create one of these will be so glad you did!
Fine print: these bowls take about 3 days to dry so...we can hold them here for you to pick up when they’re dry or you can purchase the paper bowl kit for an additional $10. The kit includes the bowl, a support to hold it while it’s being made and drying, a tray to catch all the schmutz from the adhesive, and instructions to make lots more.
Cost: $20
Instructor: Denise Lombardozzi

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aquagirl-809 said...

The classes look scrumptious! Yes, they look good enough to eat! I am anxious to try all the tricks of the trade!